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Coral LLC is one of the largest importer/suppliers of Caribbean above-sea coral in the United States and the world. We currently supply coral minerals to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Our coral mineral products include:

  • Coral Complex 3
  • Eco Pure Powder
  • Coral CalMag
  • Coral Daily D3
  • Coral Chewable Calcium
  • Coral Vitamin D3 Drops
  • Coral Carbonate Liquid
  • Alkalizing Water Treatment
  • Coral Joint and Collagen
  • Coral White Toothpaste
  • Coral Kids Toothpaste
  • Coral Cinnamon

Coral minerals have been used for thousands of years as dietary supplements for trace and macro minerals. Coral contains essential bioavailable calcium — plus 73 other essential minerals — and has provided fantastic health results for our founder and CEO along with thousands of others around the globe.

Since 1998, Coral LLC has been innovative in its use of coral minerals and continues to find new applications and partners to work with. Coral LLC was one of the first coral supplement providers to pulverize coral into an ultra-fine powder and offer it in a capsule or as a powder supplement. Coral LLC also developed the first-ever coral based toothpaste, utilizing coral to help restore, clean and whiten teeth.

Over the years, many companies such as Procter and Gamble, Source Naturals, Nature's Bounty and Coral LLC have discovered the uniquely significant health benefits of coral minerals. All of these companies have managed to use coral in different ways, including in agriculture, cosmetics, sports, water enhancement, and more. Product quality, consistent inventory, innovation, customer programs, and excellent customer service separate Coral LLC from the long list of companies that utilize coral minerals.


Providing an essential nutrients for optimum Health


To become the premier supplier of natural minerals and nutrients through sustainable practices while providing innovative,high-quality products

What sets Coral LLC apart from the others?

  • Our coral is all-natural from the Caribbean
  • We only use environmentally-friendly harvesting practices
  • Our supplements are affordable and labeled
  • We only use above-sea EcoSafe™ coral minerals, which are not subjected to underwater or industrial pollution

To contact Coral LLC for pure coral mineral supplements that are harvested directly from land-based above-sea coral,
call 1-800-882-9577 or 1-775-883-9854 or contact us online.
Coral LLC backs our supplements with a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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