Nutrition in a Tube with Coral-based Toothpaste

Teeth are minerals. Tooth enamel is comprised of 97 percent minerals by weight, including 96 percent calcium carbonate/phosphate, and 1 percent phosphorous, fluorine, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium and iron. The remaining elements are 2 percent water and 1 percent protein.


Consider the need for minerals to maintain dental health, structurally. “The structure of the enamel is actually a fine matrix of tubules conveying nutrients from the outside to the inside of the tooth,” reports coral calcium expert James Chappell, D.C., N.D., Ph.D., M.H. “And the key to healthy teeth is to maintain proper oral alkalinity and aid in remineralization.” In fact, studies confirm topically applied calcium aids such remineralization.


With this key health tip in mind, we recommend that consumers consider adding a coral-based toothpaste to their dental hygiene regimen. This year, Coral Inc., our recommended source for eco-safe, above-sea coral minerals, is introducing the first ever all-natural tooth-nutrientpaste made from above-sea fossilized stony coral minerals—CoralWhite®. Coral is a sea animal that secretes a highly mineralized casing made from ocean minerals. Coral naturally contains every mineral the human body needs to function—and in almost identical proportions found within the human body, says Dr. Chappell. By formulating coral into a tooth-nutrient-paste, Coral Inc. gives consumers an easy way to maintain and enhance their oral hygiene without harsh chemicals or artificial additives. Not only is CoralWhite free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and all other potentially toxic preservatives, artificial flavors, colors and additives, it also aids in overcoming two of the biggest causes of poor dental health: mineral deficiencies and acidity. Tooth decay increases in an acidic environment. As the body loses calcium salts, commonly found in the saliva, the pH of the mouth can shift to acid, thereby causing cavities. We know that adding calcium to toothpastes helps to return the oral environment to alkaline. “Brushing your teeth with Coral- White, which contains 86 percent organic coral calcium as well as all other minerals found in the human body, will help shift the pH to alkaline and neutralize erosive acids,” says Dr. Chappell. “It also aids in the remineralization process.” He adds, “I’d rather have people remineralizing with calcium instead of fluoride, which can be toxic.”


Americans brush their teeth an average of 900 times each year. We all grow up learning that brushing helps remove plaque and food from the teeth, and that it also helps reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. What many Americans don’t know is that the type of toothpaste they use during their morning and evening brushing routines could be having negative effects on their teeth as well as their overall well-being. Many mainstream toothpastes use potentially harmful ingredients such as fluoride, sodium laurel sulfate, and other artificial additives, flavors, colors and preservatives. Even some so-called natural toothpastes contain fluoride.

While we recognize the potential benefits of fluoride, we also remain concerned that its toxicity could be a long-term problem for both children and adults. According to the Public Health Service, of the Department of Health and Human Services, overexposure to fluoride can be toxic and has also been associated with significant health conditions including cancer, dental fluorosis—characterized by the crumbling of enamel and eventual tooth decay—and bone fractures. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician and director of the Optimal Wellness Center in Chicago, “There is enough fluoride in a typical tube of toothpaste to kill two small children if they consumed the entire tube at once.” For this reason, toothpastes containing fluoride are required to have warnings printed on their labels. For those who want to use safe dental products, we’ve discovered a number of such toothpastes recently and reported on them.

Consumers can count on CoralWhite as a great product—and one we think should be part of your regular dental health program. (We recommend health-conscious consumers use a variety of products to gain the best from each.) In keeping with the company’s all natural approach, CoralWhite combines hydrogen peroxide for its gentle whitening effect, the essence of tea tree, spearmint and peppermint oils for their flavorful freshness, and the antiseptic, anti-microbial and antioxidant botanicals of echinacea, goldenseal, cinnamon, clove, ginseng and ginkgo.  As Dr. Chappell suggests, “CoralWhite is much more than a toothpaste — it is nutrition in a tube”

Coral Complex and Eco Pure Coral Powder are exceptional coral mineral products. Not only do these products use coral from above sea and ecologically safe reefs, their quality is considered to be among the best in the natural products industry. For more information, visit or call Coral LLC at (800) 882-9577.

From the doctors’ prescription for healthy living
Volume 8, Number 10 / The Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living 51

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