The Urgency of Attaining a Normal pH Level

Nutritional Medical Pioneer
Carl J. Reich, M.D.
As told to Bob L. Owen, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Part Five
The Urgency of Attaining a Normal pH Level

In the last article (Part Four) we gave a brief overview of disease “conditions” resulting from an ionic calcium deficiency. Listed in some detail below are the body systems along with the diseases, organs and primary functions of each:

Spastic Tube and Vessels Diseases

Diseases                                  Organ                         Purpose of Organ

constipation                             colon                           fecal storage

enuresis                                   bladder                        urine storage               

dysmennorhea                         uterus                          reproduction

migraine                                  cerebral artery             cerebral circulation

Skeletal Muscle Diseases

chronic myositis                muscle                         motion

Brain and Nerve Tissue Degenerations

                        Alzheimer’s disease                cortex                          mental function

                        Parkinson’s disease                 lenticular                     coordination

                        Lou Gehrig’s                           nerve tract                   stimuli conduct

Functional defects of brain and nerve tissue degenerations: hyperactivity, learning disability, anxiety, depression, anti-social behavior, drug addictions.

Metabolic Diseases

Diabetes: The pancreas and its target cells are extremely important organs in the body’s efforts to produce organic acids and the ionization of Ca++ by normalizing the body’s systemic pH.

Dr. Reich’s understanding of the body’s “adaption” to the disease processes are caused by the inability of a body’s organs and tissues to resist and overcome increased acidity caused and compounded by continued stress and dietary deficiencies; which indicates increased acidity of the body’s saliva (hyper-acidity). This may be sufficient to generate an ionic calcium deficient mal-adaptive disease condition as described in Part Four.

The question then becomes: How are we to determine, achieve and maintain a salivary pH level that will produce the required alkaline balance? Dr. Reich puzzled over this question for years, finally arriving at satisfactory answers for him. To his detractors it was quite another thing. His solution was to adjust the body’s nutritional alkaline input, including – what was in that day, especially for conventional medical practitioners – mega-doses of sun-on-skin vitamins D and A. This regime also incorporated reduction of stress levels; all with the intent of bringing the saliva pH up to the optimum level of 7.5.

The results were astounding and proved his thesis: Given proper nutrients and lifestyle, one’s body will heal itself! So a normal pH is actually not optional. The health of every fluid, tissue, organ and system in the body is able to function effectively only when our saliva pH level is alkaline.

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