Coral Complex³


Coral Complex in vegetable capsules, now with 900mg of Bio-Available Coral Calcium per serving along with 1200 IU’s of Vitamin D3. Coral LLC’s original encapsulated coral calcium formula and purest.

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Coral Complex was one of the original (1999) powdered coral capsule in the USA. The formula has become one of the most popular and successful coral capsule formula in the world. The most notable additive is 400 IU of vitamin D3 as cholecalceriferol in each capsule. Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, is necessary to charge the receptors in the small intestine that are instrumental in the uptake of calcium.

Coral Complex also delivers more than 70 trace minerals which are also essential to the body functions. As always all our Coral Calcium is ECO SAFE to assure the consumer that the ocean is never touched when harvesting this product.

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