Coral Nano Silver Cinnamon Tea Tree


INTRODUCING CORAL WHITE NANO SILVER TOOTHPASTE: The world’s first Remineralizing toothpaste with ECOSAFE Coral Calcium and Nano Silver. Experience healthy clean teeth and gums like never before.

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  • NATURAL SLS, GLYCERIN, PARABEN AND CRUELTY FREE: Made with 11ppm SilverSol, Coral Calcium, xylitol and therapeutic grade peppermint oil for a powerful, non toxic, anti-plaque, fluoride-free toothpaste that is gluten-free.
  • FLUORIDE-FREE: 100% Safe to Swallow Coral white Nano Silver Toothpaste is always all-natural and fluoride-free!
  • NATURALLY WHITENS TEETH: An acidic mouth promotes the growth of bad bacteria, which can lead to the softening of your teeth, allowing them to become worn down and stained. Xylitol reduces mouth acidity, eliminates harmful bacteria and helps build minerals into teeth, making them stronger.
  • FIGHTS BAD BREATH AND DRY MOUTH SYMPTOMS: Known as “Nature’s Antibiotic” the active nano silver in Coral Nano Silver Toothpaste is known to kill over 650 pathogens and is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of the bacteria causes bad breath, plaque and gum disease.

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