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About Our Bulk Coral and Oyster Shell Calcium Supplements

We engage in every aspect of the mineral industry, including integrity of supply, production, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Our products are EcoSafe™, Kosher, Halal and Non-Gmo Verified, with plenty of trace mineral benefits.

We manufacture our products under cGMP standards and FDA regulations. This ensures that the products produced meet specific requirements for identity, strength, quality, and purity. Our new facility is certified ISO 9000, and compliant with American Society for Quality (ASQ) standards. These regulations allow our quality supplements to provide you with coral calcium benefits.

Coral LLC is the world’s largest supplier of above sea coral calcium, oyster shell calcium and natural calcium carbonate.

Coral LLC
Bulk Coral Calcium

Where Our Coral Calcium Comes From

Above-sea coral was a thriving reef hundreds of years ago, before being geologically pushed up above sea level. Because of these formation circumstances, this type of coral is free from ocean pollution stemming from the Industrial Revolution.

Coral LLC only harvests pristine, white, fossilized coral heads that are protected beneath a layer of soil. Once we collect the pristine coral rocks, we take them to a cGMP-certified grinding facility where they undergo a three-stage grinding process before purification.

EcoSafe™ above-sea coral minerals do not contain pollutants, chemicals, fertilizers, etc and have more coral calcium benefits than below-sea coral. Any heavy metals always pass the strictest measurements in the world, namely California prop 65. There are no health advantages to harvesting coral from below the sea. Below-sea coral is considered less than pure because it may contain shell remnants, seafloor debris, and other impurities, not to mention the recent Japanese nuclear meltdown. Below-sea coral also contains large amounts of heavy metals that must be heat treated at high temperatures to remove.


  • Supplements
  • Pet Supplements
  • Agriculture
  • Aquatic
  • Water Filtration
  • Cosmetics
  • Water Filtration Media
  • Beverages


  • 325 Mesh (44µ) Coral Calcium Powder (CCMP-1)
  • 625 Mesh (18µ) Coral Calcium Fine Powder (CCFP-1)
  • 2µ Coral Nano Tech Calcium Powder (CCNT-1)

Meets or Exceeds Standards

  • US Pharmacopeia
  • Food Chemical Codex
  • European Pharmacopeia
  • California Proposition 65
  • Friends of the Sea

Bulk Oyster Shell Calcium Products
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    Bulk Oyster Shell Calcium Powder (OSP)

    What is oyster shell calcium?

    Oyster shell calcium typically consists of pulverized and ground up oyster shells. These shells are frequently recycled from discarded oyster shells, but they are also derived from fossilized beds of oyster shells.

    Most oyster shell powder products found on the market appear gray in color. This indicates an inferior quality product. Superior oyster shell calcium will appear white, indicating purity and a higher density of added nutrients and minerals like magnesium for trace mineral benefits.

    Oyster shell calcium is similar to the calcium citrate found in mineral formations. The difference is the structure. Calcium pulverized from fossilized animal structures like coral or oysters is more easily absorbed by the body. This makes these sources of calcium ideal for use as supplements.

    Where does oyster shell calcium come from?

    While oyster shell sources vary, not all are the richest source for essential vitamins and minerals. The purest oyster shell calcium comes from fossilized Caribbean oyster shell beds. These beds are naturally occurring, having been thrust up geologically over centuries.

    The Importance of Calcium:

    Like coral calcium, oyster shell calcium provides health benefits and can play an important role in the body by increasing the functionality of nerves, cells, muscle, and bone.

    If you don’t have enough calcium in your blood, then your body takes calcium from your bones. This weakens them over time. Supplementing your diet with the right amount of calcium is crucial for building and maintaining strong bones.

    Oyster shell calcium benefits include:

    • Prevents and treat low blood calcium levels.
    • Treats bone conditions like osteoporosis.
    • Fortifies against osteomalacia and rickets.
    • Supports parathyroid gland health.
    • Safeguards against certain muscle diseases.

    Certain patients may also use oyster shell calcium to make sure they are getting enough calcium. This group includes women who are pregnant, nursing, or postmenopausal.


    • Supplements
    • Agriculture
    • Animal Feed


    • 325 Mesh Powder (Specs)
    • Granular for tablets
    • Granular for chicken
    • Granular for birds
    • Custom particle sizes
    • All Sizes Possible

    Meets or Exceeds Standards

    • US Pharmacopeia
    • Food Chemical Codex
    • European Pharmacopeia
    • California Proposition 65

    Bulk Calcium Products
    Additional Applications and Specifications


    Coral Calcium contains 73 trace minerals, making it an excellent ingredient for many nutritional supplements. These supplements are typically offered in encapsulated, powder, granulated, softgel and tablet form.

    • Encapsulated: Coral LLC offers encapsulated products in 45, 90, 180 and 300 count bottles in a -325mesh particle size.
    • Powder: particle size for this form is -625mesh. (melts in your mouth).
    • Granulated: gaining in popularity, this neutral tasting coral calcium accepts coloring and natural flavoring additives.
    • Softgel: liquid coral calcium ingredients come contained in a clear capsule.
    • Tablet: We use granulated coral calcium to make tablets (usually via compression).


    Coral calcium acts as an agent in cosmetic formulations. Agent roles vary by product type from buffering, abrasive, bulking, to opacifying and more. The following cosmetic applications use coral calcium as an agent:

    • Oral Care
    • Skin Care
    • Hair Care
    • Shaving
    • Makeup
    • Bath

    Water Filtration

    Water filtration systems use various types of coral calcium, typically found in easy to replace cartridges utilized in the final stages of filtration. Coral calcium re-mineralizes purified water that has already undergone reverse osmosis.

    Agricultural/Animal Feed/Livestock/Pets

    Worldwide Distribution

    Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada – USA, we conduct business worldwide, selling bulk and finished products to more than 30 countries. Our diverse and highly skilled distribution network consists of approximately 6 strategically located major distributors around the world. In 2009 Coral LLC moved its production center to a 27,000 square foot facility located in Reading, Pennsylvania – USA.