My favorite Coral product is your Cal Mag combo. I sleep better and feel more relaxed and comfortable when I take it. I have scoliosis so I need to support my muscles and vertabrae. I feel looser and less achy taking this supplement!

I have a customer who loves the Coral White toothpaste – swears by it as the best toothpaste she had ever used- for whiteness and clean teeth and breath and the purity of the ingredients!


Coral Calcium is one of the most important supplement for us, especially when it has all the 72 traces of mineral built in. This product is complete and packed in veg caps. I have been using this brand for several years and I think it is the best.

John Smith

I just love this product! It has raised my pH and really helped improve my all-around health. My father also takes it and has reversed his osteopenia. He was in the yellow and now he’s back in the green.


This calcium does not upset my stomach as do all the others I have tried. It also contains many trace minerals.


Fast delivery! Perfect quality as usual! Many thanks 🙂

Haekyung Cho

Great for getting needed calcium and minerals–solved my leg cramp problem.


I have been taking this for years…great product. When I was 81 (now 83) I had a bone density test taken and passed with flying colors. I asked my doctor how I came out compared to others and she said I was top 10%.


Great product, even greater price!!

Linda Galtress

Awesome product – very bio-available and I felt results right away.


I’ve repurchased this several times already and will never be without it! I had pretty intense body aches and joint pain and since taking this coral calcium, my aches and pains have stopped!