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Molecular Hydrogen Health Benefits and Facts

What is Molecular Hydrogen? Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is a naturally occurring molecule constructed of two hydrogen atoms. By having only… Read More

Is Coral a Mineral? The Ecology of Coral

Is Coral A Mineral? Coral is an ancient, living organic matter formed in semi-tropical seas by tiny animals called coral… Read More

The History of Coral

The first use of coral in medicine is impossible to document, but coral calcium benefits can be traced back thousands… Read More

Coral LLC is one of the largest importer/suppliers of Caribbean above-sea coral

  Coral minerals have been used for thousands of years as dietary supplements for trace and macro minerals. Coral contains… Read More

Coral Complex

“Increase Your Calcium and Vitamin D Intake to Improve Your Health Using Coral Complex” What is Coral Complex? Coral Complex… Read More

Whole Food Calcium vs. Isolates

Here will be an estimated 153,7600 new cases of colon and rectal cancer and 52,180 deaths in America in 2007.… Read More

Minerals – Zinc

Zinc trace minerals benefits the primary role of which in the body is in association with proteins and metalloenzyme systems.… Read More

A Health Store Owners Own Health Story

SANDRA BEN-JOSEPH is a hard-working, energetic vegetarian who owns and operates Natural Solutions, Etc., a health food store in El… Read More

Ask the Herbal Pharmacist About Coral Minerals

by Dave Foreman, R.Ph., N.D. Why is buying coral calcium/minerals like doing one-stop shopping for your mineral supplement needs? This… Read More

Bone Loss – Not Just A Woman’s Issue

The new NOF guidelines recommend a bone-mineral density X-ray test for all men 70 and older, just like women 65… Read More

Minerals – Boron

Boron has long been known to be essential in plants, but was established as an essential mineral for humans in… Read More

Coral Calcium Health Benefits | Coral Calcium Benefits You Might Not Know

Coral calcium health benefits include: Strengthens bones. Fortifies tooth enamel. Prevents bone loss and osteoporosis. Helps with muscle contractions. Prevents… Read More

Minerals – Chromium

As much as 90 percent of the U.S. population may be Chromium deficient (Bergner). Chromium is not a trace mineral,… Read More

Coral Minerals: Mother Sea

Most people’s health benefits from calcium and other mineral supplements. But calcium isn’t the only mineral missing from our foods.… Read More

Coral Calcium Purity: Beyond FDA Regulations

Pure food advocates applauded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this June when the federal watchdog service established new regulations… Read More

Filler Free, Please

ONE OF THE GROWING AREAS OF CONSUMER INTEREST Is the fillers and additives used in foods, cosmetics, personal care and… Read More

Holiday Stress Action Plan

Stress Relief OKAY, IT’S THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Your relatives are coming over, or you’re traveling to visit them. Perhaps you’re… Read More

Minerals – Lithium

Of all the known elements so far to be essential for human health, iodine is most misunderstood and the most… Read More

Minerals – Magnesium

Magnesium is the seventh most abundant element in the body following calcium, phosphorous, sulfur, potassium and chlorine. With its 4,190… Read More

Minerals – Manganese

Manganese trace minerals benefits the body because it is a muscle builder, bone hardener and a ligament strengthener; its need… Read More

Minerals – Molybdenum

Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral and in samples of stony corals was found at the level of less than… Read More

Coral White Toothpaste Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

What is Coral White Toothpaste? Coral White Toothpaste is formulated with ionic coral calcium from above sea fossilized coral minerals.… Read More

PETRO-FOODS, Coral Minerals & Feeling Good

It has been said that we humans are somewhat metallic. Indeed, we’d be in trouble if we weren’t. Some five… Read More

Minerals – Phosphorus

Phosphorous is a non-metallic chemical occurring extensively in nature as a component of phosphate rock. Phosphoric acid, a derivative of… Read More

Road to a Perfect Calcium Supplement – Fraught with Imperfection

Coral minerals are among the best, studied whole food supplement today. A rich source of predigested calcium, they uniquely offer… Read More

Minerals – Selenium

Selenium is regarded as one of the most important of the essential trace minerals. Selenium was found in the stony… Read More

Minerals – Silicon

Silicon is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, at 227,200 ppm. Silicon is present in stony corals at… Read More

SMART Calcium Shopper

Why choose coral for your supplemental calcium requirements? That’s a question that is on so many consumers’ minds in their… Read More

Minerals – Sodium

Sodium is an essential major mineral. An adult body contains about 100 grams of sodium; about one-third of that sodium… Read More

Minerals – Sulfur

Sulfur is an essential major mineral and is present in all the cells of the body. Sulfur is essential for… Read More

The Calcium Factor in Alkalizing for Health

Besides extreme purity, one of the most important reasons for preferring eco-safe coral minerals as your calcium supplement source is… Read More

Minerals – Vanadium

Vanadium are essential trace minerals that benefits the body through growth and is involved in fat metabolism. It was found… Read More

What are Excipients?

What are Excipients? Excipients are ingredients that perform a variety of roles in pharmaceuticals. Some excipients act as binders, pH… Read More