Besides extreme purity, one of the most important reasons for preferring eco-safe coral minerals as your calcium supplement source is they are so thoroughly ionized. Minerals must be ionized to readily dissolve into liquids and body tissues. Ionized minerals are thought to be readily absorbed, but most minerals are not very well ionized. Calcium as it exists in soil, water, rocks or crushed seashells, is largely inorganic. Only after it passes through a plant or an animal does it then become organic and ionized. Most calcium supplements are made from crushed rocks or seashells and are typically poorly ionized with only five to 15 percent of their calcium actually ionized, according to an online information site. Coral minerals are so vastly different: they are predigested by the coral polyp, tiny animals that make-up living coral reefs. Experts say more than 90 percent of the calcium in a quality eco-safe above sea coral product is ionized. Since coral minerals contain abundant amounts of ionic calcium and all other trace minerals known to be essential (and co-factors) to human health, the body can use them immediately without having to break them down and ionize them. This is great news for the ill or those with poor digestion, especially the elderly—often people who most need to alkalize. Indeed, because coral is thought to be so body friendly and readily absorbed into natural skeletal tissue, it is the favorite bone graft material of orthopedic and osteopathic surgeons.

Once calcium is absorbed, among its many roles is to help maintain the body’s proper acid/alkaline balance. A key role of ionized calcium is to neutralize harmful acidic compounds anywhere in the body, before damage takes place. (Examples of toxic acid-producers include soft drinks, sweets, and excess amounts of meat, especially cured meats.) Ionized calcium is critical to cleansing, alkalizing, and self-protection. Even powerful vitamins and herbs don’t work as well in an acidic environment, say herbal experts. The more acidic you become, the worse you will feel—and not just from nutrient mal-absorption but also because your whole body is opened up to greater risk of disease. “Every cancer researcher knows that tumor forms of cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment,” says Harvey Diamond, author of the international bestseller Fit for Life. “If a cancer tumor is put in a beaker with an alkaline media, the cancer will die in 3 hours. In the alkali, you have oxygen. As the body’s tissue pH drops, less and less oxygen is available to the tissues. Small changes of 0.1 to 0.2 in pH can mean ten to twenty times more oxygen availability.” According to Diamond, “Ionized calcium is the key mineral, which keeps the pH near ideal.” The body uses ionized calcium to manufacture mono-ortho-calcium phosphate, which then alkalizes tissue pH out of the acidic range, he says.

Although adjusting your pH is never easy, coral minerals are thought to provide the best avenue for such alkalizing. To do one of the most important health tests you can for your own health, you can purchase pH paper, which at a few cents a test provides a fast simple method of pH measurement. Dip a strip of the paper in your urine for a few seconds, then shake off any excess liquid and compare the color of the strip with the color chart. Your pH shows you the big picture of your body’s health: your urine pH (from your first morning urination, which can be collected in a clean cup) is an accurate reflection of your body’s tissue pH. The more acid your urine pH, the worse you feel. As you move closer to the optimal range, your health can dramatically improve. Coral minerals typically restore a relatively unhealthy (some might even term sickly) pH of around 5.5 to 6.0 up to a healthier pH range of 6.4 to 7.0. Depending on how acidic your body is when you start within a few days to weeks, your body should move into a neutral or healthier range. You will feel better. Guaranteed. Alkalizing is a great way to work preventively to ensure better health—and coral minerals make a great calcium supplement for so many reasons. Be sure to work with your doctor or other qualified health professional before you change any medications or if you have an underlying serious condition.

Coral Complex and Eco Pure Coral Powder are exceptional coral mineral products. Not only do these products use coral from above-sea and ecologically safe reefs, their quality is considered to be among the best in the natural products industry. For more information, visit or call Coral LLC at (800) 882-9577.

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