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What Are Trace Minerals?

Like regular minerals and vitamins, we need trace minerals and ionic trace minerals to help our body perform at its best. Trace minerals benefits include being able to serve as catalysts to vitamins within the cells of the human body according to the current research.

According to the Federal Government’s Recommended Daily Value requirements, you only need less than 100 milligrams per day. Unfortunately, this requirement often goes unmet. Most individuals suffer from trace mineral deficiency and severely lack the amount of trace minerals benefits needed to maintain a high-functioning healthy body and immune system.

Why? 74th Congress: In its second session a hearing was held to discuss the condition of the nation’s farm and range soils. U.S. Senate Document 264, available through the US gov’t printing office in Washington D.C. states that the nation’s fruits, vegetables, and grains grown on mineral deficient farms were starving Americans, no matter how much they ate.

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Trace Minerals Benefits

The following are just a few of the trace minerals that should be included in your daily diet, and can be obtained through organic food, water and all natural mineral supplements, such as coral mineral supplements and products.

    • Boron

      These trace minerals provide metabolic benefits in the human body. Though its exact role in the body is relatively unknown, recent experimental studies have show that benefits of trace amounts of boron may be essential for energy utilization and the creation and preservation of bone.

    • Chromium

      Trace mineral research has shown that chromium is very important when it comes to your body’s carbohydrate metabolism. If you have a chromium deficiency, you may not have adequate blood glucose, which can result in a higher chance of heart disease and diabetes.

    • Copper

      You can’t go wrong with copper. Much like iron, you need copper in order to oxidize vitamin C, which everyone knows is essential in both life and as part of a balanced breakfast. Furthermore, copper trace minerals benefits the body with iron in the production of functional red blood cells.

    • Fluorine

      An essential trace mineral, fluorine combined with calcium creates an insoluble calcium fluoride. Fluoride benefitd the body by preventing tooth decay and strengthening bones.

    • Iodine

      Iodine is an important trace mineral, though it is often misunderstood. A deficiency of iodine results in goiters, lower vitality, lower metabolism, and the inability to think logically. Iodine is also significant to the formation of the thyroid hormone.

    • Lithium

      Lithium is a trace mineral that interacts only with sodium. It can be obtained from drinking water and is essential to balancing the part of the brain that dictates behavioral and emotional behaviors.

    • Manganese

      A natural muscle builder, Manganese trace minerals benefits the bones and ligaments by strengthening them. It is usually found in the bone, liver, kidneys, heart, pituitary gland, pancreas, spleen, and intestines.

    • Molybdenum

      Another essential trace mineral, Molybdenum is found concentrated in the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, bones, and skin. Most people obtain molybdenum from milk and other dairy products, dried legumes, organ meats, and whole grains.

    • Nickel

      Scientists have found the presence of nickel in DNA and RNA. Nickel is essential in fortifying the structure of the cell membrane. Furthermore, benefits of trace amounts of nickel include assisting in the reproduction and replication of protein.

    • Rubidium

      Large amounts of rubidium have shown to be capable of suppressing potassium. On the other hand, small amounts of rubidium trace elements have shown to benefit the body. Rubidium trace minerals benefits include transporting defective cell membranes and helping suppress tumor growth by limiting glucose carrying cancer cells.

    • Selenium

      Selenium is a trace mineral that helps to prevent oxygen damage to the cell membrane. Cell membranes are critical for the proper absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxic wastes. It’s also known to be a powerful antioxidant, perfect for your immune system.

    • Silicon

      Silicon is found in the hair and skin. It is important in the formation of the collagen found in bone, cartilage, and other connective tissues. It is also necessary for the formation of other connective tissues like elastin, which help maintain the integrity of the elastic quality of blood vessels – an important feature of blood pressure control – and other tissues.

Trace Minerals list

Our Coral Calcium products allow you to get all the trace minerals and their benefits you need to help you live a healthy lifestyle.  Check out our trace minerals list of minerals you can find in our products:

  1. Boron
  2. Chromium
  3. Copper
  4. Fluorine
  5. Iodine
  6. Lithium
  7. Manganese
  8. Molybdenum
  9. Nickel
  10. Rubidium
  11. Selenium
  12. Silicon

And over 60+ other minerals…


How much Trace Minerals do you need?

Unlike other needs for your body, you don’t need to whip out a calculator to find how much trace minerals you need. The National Institute of Health published a list of the amount of nutrients you should be getting.

Here’s the Recommended Daily Value (RDI) of most trace minerals your body needs:


Trace MineralsFor Adult WomenFor Adult Men
Chromium25 mcg35 mcg
Copper900 mcg900 mcg
Iodine150 mcg150 mcg
Iron18 mg8 mg
Manganese1.8 mg2.3 mg
Selenium55 mcg55 mcg
Zinc8 mg11 mg

*This list only provides RDI’s certified by the National Institute of Health. Consult your doctor for more information.


How can I get my trace minerals?


coral complex 3Coral Complex³

The easiest way to get your trace minerals is through vegetable capsules. Coral Complex³ contains over 900 mg of Bio-Available Coral Calcium per serving. The coral minerals in each capsule contains 72 essential trace minerals your body needs to be healthy. Not only do these coral calcium capsules provide benefits to support a healthy immune system, but you’ll also be promoting bone health and brain function.

Coral EcoPure Powdercoral calcium supplement

For those who have trouble taking capsules, or do not wish to, Coral EcoPure Powder is the solution for you. EcoPure Powder contains the same coral calcium benefits as Coral Complex³, but without the hassle of taking pills. This powder is 100% pure coral powder, gluten free, and free from of any binders, fillers, and excipients!

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Natural Calcium Gummies for Kids

These calcium gummies may be designed for kids, but they can be enjoyed by anyone. Each tasty gummy contains 300 mg of calcium derived from Ecosafe above-sea coral and 125 percent of your recommended daily value of Vitamin D3. You’ll also be getting 73 other natural trace minerals that will help promote your bone health, teeth, and body function on top of the benefits of coral calcium.

Coral Calcium Supplements

***All of the essential trace minerals above can be found within above-sea coral, which is the blueprint of Coral LLC supplements.

For eco-friendly and all-natural coral mineral supplements, contact Coral LLC today. Call 1-775-883-9854 or fill out the contact form online. A full list of amino acid, trace mineral, and coral calcium benefits in coral mineral supplements is readily available.