Most people’s health benefits from calcium and other mineral supplements. But calcium isn’t the only mineral missing from our foods. The modern diet with its reliance on heavily milled and refined grains, processed foods, and few fresh fruits and vegetables ensures that millions of men and women in the United States have a dietary calcium or other mineral deficiency.

Certainly, most public health officials, say women of childbearing age should be taking calcium-vitamin D supplements throughout their lives to fight off the twin ravages of osteoporosis and breast cancer. The right amount of calcium protects against colon cancer too so many men will also benefit from calcium supplementation. But other minerals are critical to your health. Magnesium is necessary to healthy heart rhythms beat. Zinc helps maintain men’s and women’s balance of sex hormones and aids children in normal sexual maturation. Selenium protects against breast and prostate cancer. Potassium maintains steady heartbeat. While we don’t want to overdo our intake of minerals, having a mineral supplement can become a health elevator for your health programs and further fortify your health while calming your nerves.


Rachel Carson, the mother of modern environmentalism, is best well known for her book Silent Spring, but the naturalist also authored The Sea Around Us in which she spoke of our relationship to Mother sea: “…Fish, amphibian, and reptile, warm-blooded bird and mammal—each of us carries in our veins a salty stream in which the elements are combined in almost the same proportions as in sea water. This is our inheritance from the day, untold millions of years ago, when a remote ancestor, having progressed from the one-celled to the many-celled stage, first developed a circulatory system in which the fluid was merely the water of the sea. In the same way, our lime-hardened skeletons are a heritage from the calcium-rich ocean of Cambrian time. Even the protoplasm that streams within each cell of our bodies has the chemical structure impressed upon living matter when the first simple creatures were brought forth in the ancient sea…”

We’ve studied this passage because it helps shoppers to intuitively understand why a growing number of them choose to put their confidence in coral minerals for their calcium-mineral supplement. Our very substance—our lifeblood—comes from the sea; the human body is of the ocean, and our fluids are in proportion to seawater. Naturally, coral is rich minerals. Above sea coral minerals can be dated to a time of ancient seas and oceans. Nature was thought to be more pure. The best coral is ecologically harvested from above-sea beds on Okinawa, the longevity island. Modern science confirms the powerful affinity the body has for coral. More than 50 articles are listed on PubMed when one types “coral “and “bone grafts.” This favorite bone graft material of orthopedic surgeons has earned its reputation because the body’s tissues readily take up coral as part of their own. Coral minerals seem to be assimilated quite well by the body’s skeletal and other tissues. Indeed, as Carson wrote, our bodies are made up of calcium from the sea itself and our circulatory system’s need for minerals is identical to the composition of seawater. Some 92 known and 22 hypothetical elements are thought to exist in nature. Seawater contains some 65 and coral minerals some 74.

You might think coral was inorganic. This is mistaken, it is actually the residue of the coral polyp, a small marine invertebrate animal that lives in large colonies. As the polyps die they leave behind their hard corals which are their rock-like, chalky skeletal remains. Huge colonies of hard corals form coral reefs. In effect, coral is a skeleton too. It is almost identical to human skeletal tissue so readily taken up. Unlike some types of cheap calcium supplements, ecologically harvested coral minerals are taken from ancient above-sea beds that existed before the heavy pollution of the industrial age. These natural sources of the elements can provide a rich source of minerals compatible and/or essential to human physiological needs, say health experts. Coral minerals are rich in calcium and a small amount supplies a significant daily amount, which is why some people call coral minerals coral calcium. But the real value of coral is that it supplies virtually every known major and trace minerals benefits for the human health, plus others thought to be necessary to human health. Today’s consumer tends to have a more sophisticated understanding of the best way of supplying their body’s mineral needs. So maybe this notion that coral minerals is replete with more than six dozen major and trace minerals means it is the best of all mineral supplements. More than ever naturopaths recommend whole food mineral supplements over mineral isolates. This might be because each mineral is a co-factor for nutrient absorption and metabolic activity (see the mineral wheel). Most of us do need a mineral supplement due to the fact that we too often chow processed or refined foods that lack adequate mineral content or diversity.

But the real way to find out with something like this is to mix a glass of coral powder in a glass of filtered water and drink it and see how you feel. Most people feel better from their first glassful (which tastes like calcium milk). We know that calcium calms us down and builds strong bones, and that potassium is good for our blood pressure. But we also know that minerals come to us most naturally in combinations—that’s why we also love whole grains, green leafy vegetables, kelp, and other mineral- rich foods. Well, think of coral minerals as just another food. And they are most likely to be best absorbed when delivered in a whole food and body friendly form. Many minerals must be ionized or readily ionized to become active in the body. Seawater minerals like coral frequently are mentioned now as the purest most complete and premiere sources. Because they actually derived from a living animal, the coral polyp, they are organic and predigested and turn readily ionic. What’s more they seem to supply every mineral known to be required for human health and others thought to be as well, though less well characterized. Says an online expert, “Coral calcium is a valuable, holistic, mineral, dietary supplement.”

There are several excellent sources of whole spectrum minerals. These include minerals from The Great Salt Lake and even mineral whey from goat’s milk. But, certainly, coral minerals have earned their serious place among all mineral supplements. But be careful about the brand you buy. The one that we recommend because of its integrity quotient is Coral LLC. If you’re going to buy a coral mineral supplement, this is the brand. It is eco safe and above sea and the company is earning a reputation as supplying the best quality product today. We’ve used their product for a long time. Their Eco Pure Coral powder mixes wonderfully with cold water and makes for a great mineral elixir.

One outrageously small gram provides more than one third your typical calcium requirements and 72 trace minerals. The label states the product contains coral and nothing else. Only one capsule of Coral Complex2 supplies one quarter of your daily calcium requirements, 14 percent of your daily magnesium, and 100 percent of your vitamin D, plus some 72 trace minerals.

Did You Know?

So many nutritional treasures emanate from the sea. Brown kelp or kombu is a major dietary staple of the Japanese. Shellfish were enjoyed by the native Chumash Indians who left heaping mounds behind on the Channel Islands in Southern California. A green lipped mussel enjoyed by the Maori not only kept them supremely healthy but fought inflammatory processes. Of course, omega-3 fatty acids that are in such demand come from sea sources like salmon and tuna. For the ancient Greeks, it’s no surprise that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, was the only Olympian without mother or father; naturally, she rose out of the sea.

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Coral Complex and Eco Pure Coral Powder are exceptional coral mineral products. Not only do these products use coral from above-sea and ecologically safe reefs, their quality is considered to be among the best in the natural products industry. For more information, visit www.coralcalcium.
Coral LLC at (800) 882-9577.

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