Zinc trace minerals benefits the primary role of which in the body is in association with proteins and metalloenzyme systems. (Halstead) Zinc was found in the samples of coral tested at the level of 2.51 ppm. The RDA for adults is 15 mg. (Halstead) The greatest percentage of zinc is stored in the thyroid, pancreas, liver, kidneys, bones and voluntary muscles. It is also stored in parts of the eyes, in the prostate gland and spermatozoa, skin, hair, finger and toe nail and white blood corpuscles. (Jensen)

Food sources: Oysters are the best known and highest quantity source of zinc; though shellfish, red meat and fish all contain high concentrations. Zinc is also found in nuts, seeds and whole grains. (Bergner) Textured vegetable protein (TVP) diets that are increasingly used as meat extenders may contribute to lower zinc intakes from the diet; since such diets generally contain only one-half or two-thirds the zinc of authentic meat products. (Mervyn) Zinc deficiency may result from an unbalanced diet. Lack of sufficient zinc may cause retarded growth, delayed sexual development and extremely slow healing of wounds. (Jensen) Other indications of zinc deficiency include intense fidgetiness, neuralgia, pruritis, and headache over eyes, burning eyes, neurasthenia, delirium and emaciation. (Lepore)


The International Foundation for Nutrition and Health Clinical Reference Guide describes a method for testing one’s zinc status, requiring only liquid zinc. Hold one teaspoon (5 ml) of the liquid in the mouth for 10 seconds, then swallow or expectorate. If an immediate grimace and bitter metallic taste is detected, the zinc status is adequate. If it tastes like water, building to a metallic taste, zinc status may be borderline or inadequate. If there is no metallic taste whatever, then zinc status is low.

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