The first use of coral in medicine is impossible to document, but coral calcium benefits can be traced back thousands of years. The use of nutriceuticals (medicine from marine organisms) is well-documented in ancient Arabic and Chinese literature. However, the first specific mention of coral is found in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which dates back some 5,000 years.

Coral calcium has been seen to provide benefits since coral was first introduced as medicine to the western world in the 9th century, during the Arab expansion of Europe. The Persian philosopher Al-Kindi included coral in the “Medical Formulary” (830 A.D.), which was adopted by the Arab world during the Muslim conversion of Persia and spread throughout their westward campaigns.

Proof of western coral usage can be seen in the world’s oldest pharmacy (established 1685), which is still in existence and preserved as a museum in northern Spain. Coral has always been seen to better the health of a person. Among the rows of bottles on the ancient shelves is a container of coral powder with an inscription that reads: “The blond coral is the only coral used for medicine.” Coral calcium products benefit the human body because coral has a beneficial effect upon the heart, and elevates the mood of the person taking it

The use of coral as a mineral supplement source has expanded and grown throughout history. It can now be found on the shelves of health food stores and in doctor’s offices throughout the world. However, there is only one coral company that uses eco-friendly harvesting practices for above-sea coral and holistic production of supplements — Coral LLC.

Sources: Fossil Stony Coral Minerals and Their Nutritional Application
by Bruce W. Halstead, M.D.

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