Here will be an estimated 153,7600 new cases of colon and rectal cancer and 52,180 deaths in America in 2007. It is a cancer with both genetic and environmental implications, one that has affected so many families; yet, it is one where nutritional and dietary approaches can help. Indeed, to prevent colon cancer, one of the first recommendations experts make is that you eat more organic fruits and vegetables; limit fast food; stay away from processed meats such as luncheon/ deli meats, jerky, sausage, bacon, ham, canned meat, Spamâ, pepperoni, and hot dogs preserved with sodium nitritet; choose healthy fats, especially foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, trout, tuna, flaxseed, walnuts, fish oils, and wheat germ; bake, steam, broil or grill foods instead of frying; and limit your alcohol consumption to heart healthy amounts.

You might also want to consider a calcium supplement. Many people who are taking calcium supplements to prevent bone loss already will be pleased to know that this nutrient also appears to help the body stay free from damaged or genetically flawed cells by mobilizing the already healthy immune system to produce natural killer cells, which are part of the immune system. A coral mineral whole food supplement has the preventive health edge over calcium isolates. Coral minerals with calcium as just one of their important whole food nutrients, outperformed typical calcium carbonate supplements in head to head testing for colon cancer prevention and inhibition, both in the test tube and biological systems. In the study, the growth rates of colon cancer cells were observed in the test tube. According to the researchers, “Coral Calcium exhibited an inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer cells in weak alkaline (pH 7.5) culture medium (in vitro). In addition, the effect of Coral Calcium concentration against Colon 26 cancer cells was investigated using calcium carbonate as a control. The growth of the cancer cells tended to be inhibited at a greater concentration of Coral Calcium, in vitro.” The effects of Coral Calcium arid calcium carbonate (control) against the colon cancer cells were compared in a biological system. “The activity of the [natural killer] cells and the number of macrophages in the group to which Coral Calcium was administered were greater than those in the group to which calcium carbonate was administered.” Furthermore, in a vivo study, the effects at Coral Calcium concentrations were investigated.

Colon cancer cells were used in a living system and followed by an investigation of the prophylactic effects (i.e.. as a cancer-inhibitory substance) of Coral Calcium against the metastasis of colon cancer cells in the lungs. The greater the dose of Coral Calcium, the greater the activity of NK cells and the number of macrophages increased. “The metastasis of the cancer cells in the lungs was significantly inhibited at a higher dose of Coral Calcium. Coral Calcium exerted an inhibitory effect on the metastases of the cancer cells to the lungs by activating natural killer (NK) cells and macrophages, thus resulting in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells.” The researchers said: “More interestingly, since there was a tendency for the cancer cells to be more inhibited by Coral Calcium than by calcium carbonate, it is considered [that] some trace elements contained in Coral Calcium could play a role in the inhibition of the cancer cells. The trace elements are known to have a wide variety of activities…” Coral minerals contain every mineral known or thought to be important to human health including generous amounts of calcium. These minerals are predigested by the coral polyp and many experts believe this predigestive process makes them far different than calcium carbonate isolates. ECOLOGICALLY HARVESTED While the jury is out and more studies are needed, these results support a growing belief among many health professionals that whole food nutrient supplements might just work better than isolates; the closer to nature, the better. The best coral minerals sold in health food stores are eco-safe, above-sea whole food supplements and they should only be used to stay healthy—like eating an organic apple a day. It is nice to know that studies suggest one day a potential preventive benefit might be proven. It is important to have checkups regularly as your physician recommends; enjoy a great diet; and enjoy the multifaceted health benefits of coral minerals over calcium isolates.

Hirota, Y. & Sugisaki, T. “Effects Of The Coral Calcium As An Inhibitory Substance Against Colon Cancer And Its Metastasis In The Lungs.” Nutrition Research, Vol. 20, No. 11,pp. 1557-1567, 2000.

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From the doctors’ prescription for healthy living

From the doctors’ prescription for healthy living

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