Why choose coral for your supplemental calcium requirements?

That’s a question that is on so many consumers’ minds in their quest for the best of the best when it comes to calcium supplements.

Be assured, many calcium supplements do a fair to great job of providing calcium—and each body has its own individual needs that often are reflected in shoppers’ choices. But coral minerals do so much more than ordinary calcium supplements. Coral minerals belong to the fast growing consumer category of organic whole food nutritional supplements, which is one of the fastest growing areas of nutrition sales today—and even within this stellar family coral minerals shine brightly. Here are some facts. Coral calcium is in an organic rather than elemental form; remember, coral reefs are the byproduct of coral polyps; coral minerals are actually predigested by these tiny microorganisms. Organic minerals, including calcium, are complexes that contain two or more chemical bonds with the mineral atom, resulting in higher absorption rates from the intestine and greater biological activity in the tissues. What’s more, coral contains some 73 additional minerals not found in calcium carbonate supplements. According to the National Research Council, 25 of the 73 are essential minerals, and 60 of these minerals are naturally found in human milk and blood indicating that they have unknown functions. “It is widely recognized that these trace minerals are often missing entirely from our soils and food in some locations so it makes sense to supplement,” says www.coralcalcium-watchdog.com. These additional minerals are critical to skeletal health. Although coral calcium benefits the body, science shows calcium is more effective when taken with other minerals. In a study examining spinal bone loss in postmenopausal women and published in the July 1994 Journal of Nutrition, researchers showed that a group receiving calcium together with trace minerals had less bone loss compared to a control group using calcium alone. As for absorption, “The only peer reviewed, published studies available show calcium from coral has superior absorption compared to calcium carbonate,” reports the consumer group. “In a small, but well controlled study, Dr. Kunihiko Ishitani reports superior absorption of calcium from coral in food compared to calcium carbonate. Other carefully controlled feeding studies performed at the Universities of Rukuyuku and Okinawa have shown calcium absorption from coral calcium in experimental animals was better than absorption of calcium from milk, hydroxyapatite or calcium carbonate.” These consistent results certainly tell us that coral minerals are something special. But another consumer issue is their purity. The best products are obtained from above-sea ecosafe coral. These ancient land-bound sea beds date to a time long before the industrial revolution when the earth was pure. As a result, the levels of impurities such as lead and other heavy metals are far less than in other calcium supplements. For all of these reasons, coral minerals might be the best choice of all when it comes to a supreme calcium supplement. If you choose for coral minerals, try finding a company that uses only environmentally harvested above sea eco safe coral and that contains organic certification. In addition, seek products without fillers or other additives, and be sure that your supplement contains the active D3 form of vitamin D, instead of the more popular but less beneficial D2 (which is the form found in dairy products). One company that seems to provide the perfect coral supplement is Coral LLC. The pioneers in the field, theirs is the only coral calcium minerals that have been approved by the Organic Material Review Institute for use in certified organic production. When it comes to whole food organic nutrition, their Coral Complex 3 is the ultimate bone-building calcium supplement.

Coral Complex and Eco Pure Coral Powder are exceptional coral mineral products. Not only do these products use coral from above sea and ecologically safe reefs, their quality is considered to be among the best in the natural products industry. To get the benefits of coral calcium, visit coralcalcium.com or call Coral LLC at (800) 882-9577.

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