The studies speak for themselves

There have been numerous case studies that have shown the effectiveness and health benefits of coral calcium.

For example, Best Practices and The University of Montevallo conducted a study to determine if using coral minerals combined with behavior modification was better than behavior modification without a supplement. The University of Montevallo received no payment for their participation to ensure the validity of the findings.

The participants in this study were 60 children diagnosed with autism (ages 5-10). Thirty children received instruction from behavioral therapists in their homes from the psychological group Best Practices (License Number PE1807) in the Southern California area over a two-month period. The additional thirty children received similar treatment plus a daily-recommended dose of coral minerals.

Parents from both groups received parental training on how to best teach their child on a daily basis using behavior modification. Relatives in the nutrition group also agreed to take a daily dose of coral calcium and listen to nutritional advice. The results of the study indicated that the children who took coral minerals in conjunction with behavioral modification therapy improved more than those who received behavioral modification therapy alone. Additionally, the parents who took coral minerals also reported an improvement in mood, compassion, patience, and overall health.

According to the AMA, most Americans are malnourished, particularly when it comes to essential minerals. In a study presented at the Autism Conference of San Diego (2002), it was found that autistic children have a difficult time digesting certain foods, including gluten and casein. Furthermore, autistic children significantly benefit from nutritional advice and proper supplements.

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A sample testimonial

Wayne had been struggling with a variety of ever-present muscle and back pain for years and was surprised to learn that his symptoms were the result of a pH imbalance. His health professional suggested some lifestyle changes, such as changing his eating habits from his acidic food choices of primarily meats and grains to a more alkalizing diet of fruits and vegetables. It was also suggested that he add coral mineral supplements to his daily routine.

After taking Coral Complex 3 and changing his eating habits, Wayne reported a significant improvement in his overall health. He was so amazed at the result that he wrote Coral LLC the following unsolicited letter:

I would like to thank you for supplying coral complex to me. Before I started taking coral, my pH was at 4.5. After taking coral complex, my pH went to 7.5, and I feel so much better. Thanks for your help.
~ Wayne of Alberta

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