The Direct Ionic Calcium Deficiency Diseases

Believing as he did, that most illness and disease is caused by stress and dietary deficiencies, Dr. Reich called the below-listed and described diseases, the “modern plague.” “In my opinion,” he wrote, “the benefit to the public by gaining an understanding of this plague will surpass the combined benefits that it has received from the discoveries of penicillin, insulin, mind-altering drugs and all the other pharmaceuticals.”

Reich’s insistence upon the above principle, and that the fact and progression of such a condition could be determined by the acidity of one’s saliva, eventually cost him his right to practice medicine. Reich’s Universal Disease Principle, briefly stated, is the inability of the following organs and tissues to resist and overcome the increased acidity caused and compounded by continued stress and dietary deficiencies, which would eventually result in one or more, or the progression of the following disease conditions:

  • chronic rhinitis-sinusitis, and or
  • chronic asthma-emphysema, inflammation of the lungs
  • ileitis-Crohn’s disease and colitis
  • hypertension and corresponding heart disease
  • osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, and or osteoporosis (which indicate calcium demineralization of the skeletal system)
  • malfunction of carbohydrate metabolism (diabetes)
  • malignancy

All of the above organ and tissue ionic calcium deficiency conditions lead to “cell energy starvation.” As a consequence, each of them is accompanied by an increasingly lower pH level, from 7.5 – the highest, denoting excellent acid-alkaline balance – to 4.5, denoting the rise of ionic deficiency disease conditions; defined by Dr. Reich as “Diseases of Civilization.” He stated unequivocally, “It’s our ‘modern lifestyle’ that’s basically responsible for our deadly plague of ionic calcium deficiencies!” He came to that conclusion through a professional lifetime of meticulous, accurately-detailed clinical office studies of 20+ thousands of patients.

Dr. Bob Owen Ph.D.,D, Sc.