Nutritional Medical Pioneer

Carl J. Reich, M.D.
As told to Bob L. Owen, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Part Seven
Dr. Reich’s Effective Healing Plan

Repeated over and over and running through everything Dr. Reich taught and put into practice was the principle: an over-acidic and under-alkalinized system will always produce fatigue and eventual illness. And, if not brought to normality will continue to spiral downward . . .

It cannot be otherwise, Reich insisted that our bodies function precisely as our Maker intended: self-perpetuating, self-regenerating and self-healing. Which a body will always accomplish when provided with a healing environment. When treated according to Reich’s Health Manifesto, the results were predictable. His ailing patients became well – even those who had been treated by – and failed to respond to – the System’s so-called acceptable medical methods! Many of Reich’s peers vocally derided his protocol (see below) even though it was demonstrably effective.

Reich’s Revolutionary Plan

Much of what Reich taught was generally unknown 50-60 years ago. He told his patients they should check their pH. And that their salivary pH must be brought into mild alkalinity: 7.0 to 7.5. Startling advice! Furthermore, Reich told his patients that all their other efforts would fail unless they accomplished this goal. He taught them that at least 80% of all their foods and liquids must be alkaline. He even went so far as to list the alkaline diets they should pursue.

Reich warned his patients about their usual lifestyles. He taught them to stop abusing their bodies with harmful diets and lifestyles . . . to stop depriving their bodies of sufficient rest and sleep. He told how to get sufficient sun-on-skin vitamins A and D and ionized calcium instead of synthetic supplements and manufactured “non-foods.” He told them how to return themselves to health.

What did Dr. Reich’s patients do? The thousands who listened to him got well!

How did Dr. Reich’s colleagues react? A numberof them reported` to the Canadian Medical Association that he was practicing medicine in an unprofessional manner. But today, the nutritional medicine he pioneered is frequently accepted as “standard fare” and is now backed by increasing amounts of scientific evidence.