Don’t believe the hype!

Unfortunately, many individuals fall prey to health-related myths that can result in adverse effects on their health, nutrition, wellness, and longevity. Avoid the following myths so that you can live well, achieve optimum health and enjoy life to the fullest extent!

Health Myth #1: Eating healthy allows me to get the nutrients I need.

The Facts:

  • 40% of Americans do not get enough calcium in their daily diet.
  • 68% do not get the recommended daily allowance of magnesium.
  • 20% do not even get half the recommended amount.

If Americans are considered “overfed” how can we still be missing so many vital nutrients and be undernourished? There are two reasons for this phenomenon: We are eating the wrong foods—foods that are highly processed, full of sugar and artificial ingredients. As a result of mineral-depleted soil in our farmlands, when we do eat the “right” foods, the minerals we need are not present in those foods*.

*Source: Overfed, Undernourished, The Washington Post, September 21, 2004

Health Myth #2: Organic food solves the problem of proper nutrition.

The Facts:

According to an investigation by the U.S. Senate, today, a person would have to eat twice as many tomatoes to get the same amount of calcium as they would have in 1948, and they would have to eat 60 servings of spinach to get the recommended daily amount of iron.

Health Myth #3: Vitamins replace what my body doesn’t have.

The Facts:

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, only 10-20% of the nutrients in solid vitamins are absorbed by the body.
Health Myth #4: All mineral supplements are the same.

The Facts:

Not all calcium preparations are absorbed equally.
Calcium carbonate is often manufactured in a tablet form that does not readily dissolve, possibly resulting in constipation and providing little benefit to your health.
Even so-called “complete” multivitamins rarely have the required daily value (DV) for necessary minerals such as calcium, magnesium, or potassium.
Remember: minerals are the building blocks of the body, and without them, other vitamins and supplements will not be absorbed properly.

Health Myth #5: Those who live healthy lives won’t face major health problems.

The Facts:

Even the “healthiest” people may develop illnesses and diseases if they lack essential minerals in the body.

What’s the solution?

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to achieve optimum health and wellness despite the myths listed above.

Healthy Solution #1: Seek well-rounded nutrition.

Exercise is important, as well as eating healthy. But we must also be aware of what we put into our bodies. Organic food has fewer pesticides and other toxic chemicals and has essential minerals than processed foods. Eating non-toxic, organic food is wise.

Healthy Solution #2: Replace what you are missing.

It can be challenging and frustrating for even the most health-conscious person to reach recommended intake of minerals. Taking mineral supplements is a good way to replace what you lose throughout the day, and to get what your body doesn’t get from the food you eat. Always consume whole food mineral complexes. Nothing is better for you than coral minerals.

Healthy Solution #3: Find the right combination of supplements.

In order to be absorbed properly by the body, calcium supplements must contain the necessary trace and macro minerals. Find the right mix of supplements that provide your body with the vital minerals you need.

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