Nutritional Medical Pioneer

Carl J. Reich, M.D.
As told to Bob L. Owen, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Part Eight
Ionic Calcium Deficiency and Cancer

Author’s note: Uppermost in Dr. Reich’s mind was his stated goal: to isolate and eliminate “the ultimate cause of ALL disease” including the most feared disease of them all. He had much to say concerning cancer and ionic calcium deficiency.

In Reich’s view, which he states in different ways, “it is the chronic deficiency of ionic calcium that’s ultimately responsible for the over-acidic pH condition . . . always present in cancer.”
“Symptoms of the ionic calcium deficiency arise for reason of the direct effect (such condition) has on nerve, muscle support and other tissues,” the most common of which are the following:

  • aches, pains and cramps, caused by
  • skeletal, and/or intestinal muscle over-activity, and
  • nervousness, headache, irritability and sleeplessness, arising by reason of
  • central and peripheral nerve-tissue over-activity (these may not always be interrelated)

An overlay of these complaints with chronic fatigue and depression may indicate that the sum total of these two major nerve and muscle tissues may be on the verge of becoming exhausted. Moreover, by a “domino effect,” the deficiency (ionic calcium) may have led to a deficient or defective production of vitamin B12, thyroid, adrenal, adaptive and other hormones to further depress cell function.

The as yet unidentified cause of the “chronic-fatigue-anxiety-headache-depression-syndrome” may be easily verified by a simple acidic-salivary pH test. This test can also identify the lifestyle defects responsible for the deficiency, the results of specific therapies; as well as the deficiency itself and its domino effects.”

See Part Six, The Key Element in Ionic Calcium Sufficiency for details concerning this inexpensive, easily administered and read test that should be obtained and used by all persons exhibiting the above symptoms.